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medical marijuana strains kush

San Fernando Medical Dispensary Info

The San Fernando Valley is well known for its superior medical cannabis. Patients drive from downtown Los Angeles as well as surrounding areas just to experience the Valley’s infamous strains. Reseda marijuana is especially revered, and Humboldt Relief provides the finest top shelf available today.

Humboldt Relief, otherwise known as HR, is a full service, pre-ICO medical marijuana dispensary in compliance with Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420, and all existing municipal codes. The donation caps is $50. Well known for OG varieties, the house strains Brutus OG and Jane Doe are truly legendary in terms of potency. Brutus is a nearly pure Indica with an incredible density. Patients find the Brutus relieves symptoms associated with chronic pain, appetite suppression, insomnia, and mental anxiety. Its healing properties are only matched by that of Jane Doe, which most agree is a relatively balanced Indica dominant hybrid. Jane’s Sativa qualities are certainly noticeable, and this characteristic enhances her medicinal utility. Due to the genetic make up, Jane Doe helps patients suffering from the same conditions as the Brutus does, along with typical Sativa ailments, such as depression, attention deficit/ hyperactivity, and digestive disorders. Humboldt Relief carries many other popular Indica strains on a regular basis, such as Bubba Kush, Bubba Church, Deathstar OG, Diablo OG, King Kush, and Master Kush.

Patients who find Sativas useful will also find unique treatments at this medical marijuana dispensary. For example, Humboldt Relief combined two classic Sativas, Blue Dream and White Widow, into a single strain known as Whitedream. The Morning Wood strain represents a rare fusion of Woody Harrelson OG, named after the actor/activist, and a notorious Sativa dominant hybrid, OG Kush. For those in need of a pure Sativa, the Grapefruit will surely suffice. Additional prominent Sativa medicines include White Widow, Wonderberry, Dieselberry, Alien OG, Sour Diesel, and Super Silver Haze.

For patients of modest financial means, Humboldt Relief offers high quality discount medical marijuana. Reseda is known for low donation prices at its collectives, but HR’s Greenhouse selection exemplifies the concept of value. There are Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids among this budget classification. There are some well known names from the Greenhouse, such as Mazar, Headband, and Bubba. Some consider these medications better than the top shelf because of the potency levels and smoothness coupled with the inexpensive donation cost. There is also a 10% discount for those on SSI and SSDI at this compassionate medical marijuana dispensary.

There are, of course, patients that are unable to smoke their medication for whatever reason. They may have throat issues, respiratory diseases, or an intolerance to smoke in general. These patients have to ingest their marijuana in the form of edibles. Humboldt Relief supplies Hubby Bars, a brand of delicious chocolate bars made with concentrated cannabis oil., along with medibles made by several other manufacturers as well as cannabis capsules. The collective periodically stocks clones to assist patients in growing their own medication. The friendly and knowledgeable staff is there to lend their expertise concerning personal cultivation to any patient in need of guidance.

Humboldt Relief operates under the non-profit model in all respects. Members are asked to pay a $25 fee that entitles them to a share in the corporation and a seat on the collective’s board of directors. Patient input is respected by the management and there are various promotions that come as membership perks. There is a weekly lottery wherein 7 lucky patients win a free gram of their choice. Patient raffles take place periodically along with sales. Reseda marijuana sets the standard for Los Angeles County, but Humboldt Relief raises the bar when it comes to patient appreciation.

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